Davos Digital Forum 2019

Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019Davos Digital Forum 2019
Thu, 19.09.2019
Fri, 20.09.2019
Number of expected participants: 350 Persons
What are the drivers in digitization? Where are innovations and ideas? Who has a successful track record in digital implementation? Let us answer your questions in interactive workshops and benefit from learning experiences from those who have already taken the step towards digitization. On the conference day itself, the stage will belong to the pioneers of digitization. They show us what the future holds for us. Here, too, your commitment is in demand. The exchange will take place in panels and during networking. Topics in 2019 are
1. Digital Village & Smart City2. eTourism +eHealth3. Sharing Economies & Sustainability
Digital Village & Smart CityThe digitization of cities and municipalities will be one of the focal points of this year's DDF, which we are implementing together with our partner e-estonia. What is E-Residency? How does a paperless state work? What is an electronic citizen card and how has Estonia managed to become the hot spot for start-ups? This and much more will be discussed at the Davos Digital Forum 2019. The success of e-estonia is based on an intelligent infrastructure that has made it possible to build a secure ecosystem based on electronic services. An important part of this ecosystem is the flexibility and ability to integrate different areas while improving e-services. Estonia will give us a look behind the scenes of the E-State. The northernmost Baltic country with only 1.3 million inhabitants is a digital pioneer in Europe. In workshops and at the conference, representatives from Estonia will show how they are implementing digitisation and how digitisation also works at the state level. Join us on their journey from a small state to a digital model country.
eTourism & e-HealthThese topics will become a permanent feature of the Davos Digital Forum. We will discover the latest trends. In Hands-On Work Labs experts will show how participants can implement these digitization projects for their own business.
Sharing Economies & Sustainability“Sustainability & digital transformation –sharing economy”. So much good has come out of sustainability driven from the digitization of processes across the value chains –from plantations to points of sale. How do we ensure the system milks all the good, while keeping out the bad?
Event Locality
Kongresszentrum Davos
Haus C
Talstrasse 49A
7270 Davos Platz
Tel:+41 81 415 21 60
Davos Digital Forum
Tel:076 508 5982
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