Aerial Yoga @ Davos Adventure Park

Aerial Yoga @ Davos Adventure Park
04.07.2018 - 25.08.2018
Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Flying Yoga with Huge Hammocks inside the forest
Experience Yoga in a huge hammock and escape gravity. The feeling of flying is not only a good mood booster, it also serves your health. The spine is getting decompressed and the movements in the silk are good for your joints as well. The exercises strengthen your muscles directly at the bones. Since your muscles are constantly working on your balance. The both fantastic and unknown feeling enhances self confidence and intuitionIn only one inversion you will experience the coordination of muscle activity vs muscle relaxation, leverage, centrifugal strengths gravity and the speed of movement.
Combine Yoga with visiting the Adventure Park and get a discount.
The exact times are on the yoga-homepage.
Event Locality
Davos Adventure Park
7260 Davos Dorf
Tel:+41 81 416 18 68
Gayatri Anand Yoga
Fontana 49
7553 Tarasp
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