Rocky Mountain Trailride 2018

Rocky Mountain Trailride 2018Rocky Mountain Trailride 2018Rocky Mountain Trailride 2018
Fri, 29.06.2018
Sat, 30.06.2018
Sun, 01.07.2018
The trailride team contest for soulriders at Davos.
A team contest as for which choosing the perfect route is the crucial part.

Riders choose from several dozen trail sections (trails) whichever they want or can ride. Each trail scores points. The longer and the more difficult a section is to ride, the more points it scores. To ensure maximum trail fun, mountain transportation is also part of the event.

Event Locality
Davos und Umgebung
7270 Davos Platz
Bike Boutique GmbH
Rebbüelweg 11
7076 Parpan
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