Cheese & wine at Chalet Berghof Sertig

Cheese & wine at Chalet Berghof Sertig
Sat, 24.02.2018, 18:30 h
Cheese artist Willi Schmid & sommelier Nils Lanz
Woody sheep. Vivienne cheese. Blue goat. Just a small selection of all the cheese creations of master Willi Schmid. The love to animals and the farming was put into his cradle. Today he surprises with his own specialty cheese dairy with exceptionally creative varieties - cheese mad of buffalo or mother milk for example. Be part of it and get astonished - at the unique cheese event in the idyllically located Berghof Sertig! Enjoy a excellent gourmet menu with cheese components - perfectly matching with fine wines from wine trade Simone Lanz - presented by Sommelier Nils Lanz.
Chalet Berghof Sertig, from 6:30 pm, aperitif and 5-course-dinner, price per person: CHF 135, free shuttle service, reservation required.

Event Locality
Chalet Berghof Sertig
Sertigstrasse 37
7272 Davos Sertig
Waldhotel Davos
Buolstrasse 3
7270 Davos Platz
Tel:+41 81 415 15 15
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