Berg Restaurant Fuxägufer

Jakobshorn, 7270 Davos Platz

Fuxägufer is not only a restaurant, Fuxägufer stands for an attitude to life, for heart and soul and many good, unfogettable moments. Let us surprise you and become part of the Fuxägufer.

Our attentive and friendly service brings you the finest specialities from grison such as venison pepper, alpine macaroni, Fuxä spaetzli or tender pieces of beef and veal or the unique young pig cutlet. Lizzy prepares delicious Asian dishes from the wok and sizzles fine sausages next to the large Röschti pan. The gastronomic experience is complemented by a unique wine list for the mountain world. At the bars, locals, guests from all over the world, top atheltes and the one or other face known to all meet at any time.

Whether with winter sports equipment or on foot, the Fuxägufer can be reached from the valley within 7 minutes. Just take the Carjöler chairlift and be chauffeured directly to our door. We are the ideal meeting point for pedestrians and sports enthusiasts. Due to the short distance from the valley, the Fusägufer is predestined and famous for evening events. In addition to our own events, we organise company events, birthdays, weddings and whatever ideas we develop together with our guests, both in winter and summer.

Just snow in, we are looking forward to seeing you.

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