Farm houses

Sleeping in the hay

Get an insight into a mountain farmer life

Make your children’s dreams come true and spend a night in the warming hay in a barn on one of our region’s farms. And it’s not only about the sleeping experience. You and your family get an insight into a mountain farmer family’s life.

There is always something to do on a farm such as e.g. making hay, feeding animals or repairing fences. If you feel like helping out you are welcome to do so or your children can play with the farmer children or the yard dog. During the day, you explore the surroundings of the farm. And in the evening, you don’t have to go to bed with the chickens. But after an eventful day and saying bye to the goats, sheep and dog, everyone is usually ready to hit the hay. A hearty farm breakfast awaits you in the morning with homemade products from the farm or the region.

Get an insight into a mountain farmer life.
Fasmarauser farm Küblis

Sleeping in the hay in a sleeping bag including a delicious breakfast in the morning with homemade bread from the wood stove. On request, a simple meal is served in the evening. Children may help with the cows (provided they are not on the summer pastures), rabbits and chicken.

Landwasser farm (Post Glaris)

Sleeping in a barn in the hay or on mattresses and enjoying a wonderful breakfast in the morning. During summer, the Landwasser Farm in Davos Frauenkirch provides inexpensive night quarters as well as an insight into farm life.

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