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The supreme discipline of ski mountaineering

Higher, faster, further: Unlike classic ski touring, speed touring is all about competition and speed. If you want to try this sport, you will find a signposted training track on Pischa at the Dynafit-Line.

Speed touring has developed into a discipline of its own in the field of ski mountaineering in recent years. But the sport also offers a lot of variety to less ambitious runners. Speed touring is suitable as an alternative endurance training in winter. In the destination Davos Klosters, speedtourers will get their money's worth: The snow sports region Pischa offers in cooperation with Dynafit, the supplier for all speed-touring matters, a signposted training track.

Speed touring track on Pischa

Not every speed tourer has the possibility to train on high mountain peaks. The new Dynafit-Line in the Pischa ski area provides a remedy.

This signposted training track (no. 2 on the map) is suitable for fitness training on the piste or makes it easier to get started with speed touring. Special features: If the track is officially open, you are protected from avalanches as a speed tourer. A break at the Mäderbeiz will provide the necessary power in between. And the right equipment is available at the sport shop Fullmoons in Davos.

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