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    You will travel to your holiday destination in comfort and stress-free by train: You can sit back, relax and enjoy the view - the train brings you and your luggage safely and in comfort to your destination. You travel by Swiss national rail (SBB) to Landquart and then continue on with the Rhaetian railway (RhB) to Klosters or Davos.
    Journey times in Switzerland - Klosters - Davos
    Zurich - Landquart - ca. 1.50 h ca. 2.20 h
    Geneva - Zurich - Landquart - ca. 4.40 h ca. 5.20 h
    Basel - Zurich - Landquart - ca. 2.50 h ca. 3.20 h
    Buchs - Landquart - ca. 1.15 h ca. 1.45 h
    St. Margrethen - Landquart - ca. 2.00 h ca. 2.30 h
    Chiasso-San Bernardino (Bus) - ca. 4.00 h ca. 4.50 h
    Timetable details & travel information  
    Swiss national rail (SBB) www.sbb.ch
    Rhaetian railway (RhB) www.rhb.ch
    German national rail www.bahn.de
    French national rail www.sncf.com
    TGV Paris - Chur www.tgv.com
    Travel overnight – CityNightLine www.citynightline.ch

    Vereina Tunnel

    The RhB transports you and your car quickly and safely through the Vereina. In this way, Opens external link in current windowAutoverlad Vereina creates a safe connection between Klosters and Unterengadin.

    Timetable information

    At Opens external link in current windowwww.sbb.ch you will find all timetable information for your journey by public transport to, in and around Davos Klosters by train (Swiss national rail - SBB / Rhaetian railway - RhB) incl. post van and local bus in Davos (VBD) and Klosters-Serneus.  

    Online Timetable

    Bus network

    The districts of Davos and Klosters both boast comprehensive bus networks. Holders of a Davos Klosters guest card can use the bus networks free of charge.         


    Fixed taxi ranks are located in Davos and Klosters at the Rhaetian railway stations - RhB (Davos Platz, Davos Dorf, Klosters Platz). It is also possible to book taxis with the following companies.  
    Express Taxi 
    c/o Stiffler Transporte AG

    Mattastrasse 50  
    7270 Davos Platz
    Tel. +41 81 410 11 11, Fax +41 81 410 11 12
    Gotschna Taxi 
    Grischunaweg 8 
    7250 Klosters
    Tel. +41 76 377 77 66, Fax +41 81 422 58 33

    Luggage service

    Would you like to travel through Switzerland without hauling your luggage around? This is possible, with the  
    Opens external link in current windowRhaetian railway luggage service .   

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