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    Davos Congress

    Great Tradition and Modern Technology

    Davos is meeting city with great tradition and a modern infrastructure, as no other alpine city can show.A city with an extremely modern, 12,000m2 congress centre, three independent areas, a plenary room for 1,800 delegates and a further 34 rooms.

    Davos fulfils all requirements for medical congresses in Switzerland, which are referred to in the following guidelines:Code of Conduct for the pharmacology industry (Pharma Code)   
    • FASMED Code of Business Conduct (for medical technology companies) 
    • Guidelines from the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMW)
    Initiates file downloadFact Sheet on the Congress City of Davos incl. Code of Conduct (PDF 2 MB)

    Davos Congress Centre

    Thanks to the latest expansion of the congress centre, Davos has one of the most modern congress centres in the Alps.Up to 5,000 delegates can meet in a perfect infrastructure. Davos Congress is concerned with perfect organisation, and our catering service provides new culinary heights. All of this from a single source source.

    For all information about the space, infrastructure or services offered by Davos Congress, please visit
    Opens external link in current windowwww.davoscongress.ch. 

    Online request

    Davos Congress

    Tourismus- und Sportzentrum
    Talstrasse 41 
    7270 Davos Platz
    Tel. +41 81 415 21 76
    Fax +41 81 415 21 69
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