Bandy back in Davos


    Experience a sports event of a special kind in Davos. On the afternoon of 6 January 2014, bandy games are held on the natural ice rink. Thus, this sport, which is said to be the forerunner of ice hockey, returns to Davos.

    However, bandy doesn’t have much in common with ice hockey. It’s described as soccer on ice. The ice features a soccer field’s dimensions. During two halves of 45 minutes 11 players on skates and with sticks chase a red ball. The goalkeeper has no stick and the goal features 3,5 metres in height and 2,1 metres in width. During the afternoon of 6 January, four nations from Europe will compete in Davos. In Davos in 1880, bandy was played for the first time in Switzerland. In 1913 the first Bandy European Championships were held on this ice rink. Since World War I, no more bandy games have taken place in Switzerland. But now, the traditional sport returns to Davos. Further information on Opens external link in new or Opens external link in new

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