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Langlauf in Davos
Langlauf in Davos
Langlauf in Davos

    Trail network

    The trail network in Davos Klosters encompasses over 100 km of classic trails and 46 km of skating trails across all difficulty ratings. They all have one thing in common: They are superbly well prepared. Furthermore, in Davos special dog trails can also be found along the Landwasser.

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    Facts & Infos
    Davos trails
    76 km classic cross-country trails
    46 km skating trails
    Separate trails for classic and skating
    15 km dog trails
    2.5 km illuminated night-time trails (daily until 21:30 hrs)
    Klosters trails
    23 km classic cross-country trails
    23 km skating trails
    3 km night-time trails (Tues & Thurs 18:00 hrs to 21:30 hrs)
    Wiesen trails
    2 km classic cross-country trails
    2 km skating trails

    Interactive map

    Interactive map

    You will find a whole host of information about the lifts and cable cars, hiking trails, walking routes, tours, mountain restaurants etc. on our interactive map. Some of the details are linked to status displays that are updated regularly to offer you a comprehensive overview. Select a topic in the legend to enable you to find the information you need more quickly.  Interactive map
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