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    Walking routes and high tours

    Whilst out walking, discover old, intact Walser settlements and experience the tributary valleys off the beaten tracks of Davos and Klosters. Or make like a mountain goat and seek out the most stunning viewpoints on a high alpine tour. You will find a selection of the most stunning routes and tours in Davos Klosters in the following documents: 
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    And three highlights in detail:
    2- Stafelalp 1894mue M beschnitten
    9-Alp tour

    9-Alp tour

    High walks with a view over the fantastic mountain panorama, with a wonderful sight of the landscape of Davos. 
    Station Höhenweg - Büschalp - Schatzalp - Podestatenalp - Lochalp - Grüeni Alp - Erbalp - Stafelalp - Chummeralp - Bärentaler Alp - Glaris

    General info:         
    • Distance: 19 km
    • Duration: 7 to 8 hours.
    • Vertical height differential: 340 m
    • Highest point: 2,200 m above sea level
    • Seasons: June to October
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    2- Sertigtal 1861mue M


    Tumbling mountain streams, intact flora and fauna and picturesque Walser settlements. This walk offers variety in every respect.
    Dorf Monstein - Oberalp - Fanezmeder - Fanezfurgga - Ducantal - Sertig Sand

    General info:      
    • Distance: 11 km
    • Duration: 5 to 6 hours.
    • Vertical height differential: 954 m
    • Highest point: 2,600 m above sea level
    • Seasons: June to October
    Initiates file downloadDetailed tour description (PDF 3 MB)
    Schlappiner Joch beschnitten


    Walk where once pack trains passed: A high walk brimming with stunning views across the Swiss-Austrian border to the Schlappiner Joch and then steeply up to Schlappin (lake) and Klosters Dorf.
    Mountain station Madrisa - Älpli - Schlappiner Joch - Schlappin - Klosters Dorf

    General info:    
    • Distance: 12 km
    • Duration: 4 to 5 hours.
    • Vertical height differential: 540 m
    • Highest point: 2,200 m above sea level
    • Seasons: June to October
    Initiates file downloadDetailed tour description (PDF 675 KB)

    Guided walks

    C 1010 Klosters-Schlappin Wandern SS D33231 web
    Head off on a guided walk with the "Active Summer" guest programme.

    Active Summer guest programme

    The "Active Summer" guest programme encompasses many leisure ideas including guided walks. Experience the mountain world of Davos Klosters with local guides
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    Mountain Guide

    Bergführer Davos Klosters 
    Promenade 63 
    7260 Davos Dorf
    Tel. +41 81 413 25 00

    Mountain hike guides up to T3 (SAC-hiking chart)

    Promenade 29 
    7270 Davos Platz
    Tel. +41 76 224 72 70
    Ganzheitliche Naturerlebnisse 
    Quadera 68A 
    7247 Saas
    Tel. +41 81 332 10 96
    Inandout Sport & Events GmbH 
    Incentives und Events

    Clavadelerstrasse 5 
    7270 Davos Platz
    Tel. +41 81 413 08 88, Fax +41 81 413 09 88
    spachmann's AHA-ERLEBNISSE 
    Guggerbachstrasse 1 
    7270 Davos Platz
    Tel. +41 81 413 58 66
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