Avalanche report

Fresh-fallen snow ski area (last 24h) 0 cm
Depth of snow 10 cm
Depth of snow on summit 63 cm
Last snowfall 21.11.2017
Last snowfall in the ski area 21.11.2017
Interactive map
Avalanche Report

Avalanche Service Davos
Information on the actual avalanche danger in Davos in case of rich snow fall. www.gemeinde-davos.ch

Fresh Snow Depth (24h)
Graphical representation of the daily new snow precipitation in Switzerland. www.slf.ch/neuschneehöhe24

SF Swiss Television
Forecasts for Suisse and Europe see in Suisse Television (SF). www.srf.ch

Regional Avalanche Report
Graphical representation of the different avalanche threat levels of the north and middle Grisons (Davos). www.slf.ch/lawinenbulltein

New Snow Depth (3 days)
Graphical representation of the new snow amount of the past 3 days in Switzerland. www.slf.ch/neuschnee3tage

Snow Depth Map
Grafische Darstellung der Schneehöhe auf 2000m. www.slf.ch/schneehöhe

Additional Information
Additional information provided by the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF). www.slf.ch/zusatzinfos

Further information

We recommend you to download the app 'White Risk' of the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF Davos. The app is free and provides you on the way with the latest information (bulletins, hazard maps and other useful tools).


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