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Davos Klosters Card

With the Davos Klosters Card, guests benefit from a whole range of free services and discounts. The Davos Klosters Card also serves as a free cable car ticket on all local cable cars as part of the Davos Klosters Inclusive*.

Davos Klosters Card Privat
If you have your second home here, are visiting privately or are a hospital guest, you can benefit from all free services (exkl. free mountain railways) and countless discounts throughout the year.

All benefits of the Davos Klosters Card

Davos Klosters Inside Free guest programme offers daily winter experiences
Public transport (see details "Transportation") 100%
Ice rink Klosters 100%
Cross-country skiing tracks Davos und Klosters 100%
NEW- "Eistraum-Davos" 10%
Davos Klosters Mountains (Pischa & Schatzalp excl.) up to 20% on ordinary tickets (pedestrians)
Klosters-Madrisa Bergbahnen AG up to 20% on ordinary tickets (pedestrians)
Public transport (see details "Transportation") 100%
Davos Klosters Inclusive* all open mountain railways for free (incl. Abendbetrieb auf der Schatzalp)
Davos Klosters Active Kostenlose Aktivitäten im Rahmen des Gästeprogramms
Madrisa-Land Klosters 100%
Searun 2017 100%
Sport centre Davos and Klosters 100%
Swimming pool Sport centre Klosters 50%
Minigolf Hotel Waldhuus Davos 50%
Outdoor-tennis facilities Sporthalle Färbi Davos 50%
Outdoor-tennis facilities Sport Centre Klosters 50%
Viamala gorge Thusis 33% adult / 22% child
Davos Klosters Mountains (excl. Schatzalp)** up to 20%
Klosters-Madrisa Bergbahnen AG** up to 20%
Pedal boat rental, Sailing school Davoserlake 15%
Adventure Park Färich 10%
Golf Club Klosters 10%
Ninepins, minigolf, table tennis Hotel Sport Klosters 10%
Kickbike rent in Walserhuus Sertig 10%
Golf Club Davos 5%
Public transport (see details "Transportation") 100%
Local Museum Davos 100%
WiFi in the Information Office Davos Klosters 100%
Local Museum “Nutli Hüschi” Klosters 40%
Media Library Küblis 25%
AdventureRooms Davos 10%
Bowling 101 Davos 10%
eau-là-là - Wellness- und Erlebnisbad Davos 10%
Indoor swimming pool Hotel Sport Klosters 10%
Climbing wall Rätikon Küblis 10%
Kosemtik Kalimera Küblis 10%
Air-Davos Paragliding Davos 5%
Flugcenter Grischa Klosters 5%
Joyride-Paragliding Davos 5%
Reiten - Philipp Wenk Lusi Ranch, Davos Laret 5%
Indoor Tennis, Badminton, Squash - Sporthalle Färbi CHF 2.- per booking
Casino Davos AG 1 free drinkg (excluding distilled spirits)
The Magic Portal 10%
DAS INN Hotel One free store selected donut or cookie with every STARBUCKS drink purchase
Turmhotel Victoria Davos 1 glass of sparkling wine per person for dinner in the restauarants "La Terrasse" & "Kirchner's Stübli"
Davos Festival Reduction on organized concerts
Kunstgesellschaft Davos (KGD) Reduction on theater performance, concerts and movies organised by the KGD (expectet cinema Arkaden Davos)
Kulturgesellschaft Klosters (KGK) Reduction on theater performance, concerts and movies organised by the KGK


Rhaetian Railway: Unlimited travel (2nd class) on the line Klosters Dorf – Davos – Filisur with holiday addresse Davos or Klosters. Unlimited travel (2nd class) on the line Saas und Davos Wiesen with holiday addresses in Saas. Not valid for guests with holiday address in Küblis.

The guestcards are not valid in the Bernina and Glacier Express.

Local bus Klosters-Serneus: Unlimited travel. To Saas only with the holiday address in Saas (Line 90.231: between Mezzaselva and Küblis apply the normal Rhaetian Railway tariffs).

Local bus Davos: Unlimited travel on the local bus lines. Line 90.183 (postbus Davos Platz – Wiesen) unlimited travel only for guests with holiday address in Davos Wiesen. Excepted lines: line 8 (Clavadel – Sertig), line 10 (Glaris – Monstein), lines 12/13 (Dischma valley from busstop “Abzw. Büelen“ to Teufi/Dürrboden) and line 90.331 (postbus Davos Platz – Flüelapass – Zernez).

*Is exclusively available to guests who spend at least one night in commercial accommodation (hotel, holiday apartment, group accommodation).
**Is exclusively avalable to owners of the Davos Klosters Card Private

Guest taxes

Davos and Klosters charge a mandatory, statutory guest tax (previously visitor's tax) and sports tax, which is charged to all guests who stay in our hotels and holiday apartments.

The income raised in this way is used to finance tourist facilities and events:

  • The provision of comprehensive information for guests by means of printed material and above all at the information desk and on the telephone.
  • The establishment of the extensive cross-country and footpath networks.
  • Skating rink and sports facilities
  • The maintenances of green spaces, flowers and winter decorations
  • The organisation or support of diverse cultural and sporting events within the framework of the  guest programme "Davos Klosters Active"
  • Contribution to the Davos Klosters transport association, which allows you to travel on the majority of public transport lines free of charge.

    Information for rentals including guideline for airbnb

Hotels & Holiday Apartments

  • May - November: CHF 4.60
  • December - April: CHF 5.90

Group Accommodation & Youth Hostels

  • May - November: CHF 3.40
  • December - April: CHF 4.-

Owners & long-term renters of holiday apartments

  • Prices and conditions on enquiry
  • Owners & long-term renters charge on the basis of a basic price adjusted to the size of the apartment

Price informations

  • All prices per person, per night
  • Children free up to their 12th birthday
  • Subject to change

Hotels & Holiday Apartments

  • June - Sept / Dec - April: Town area CHF 4.50, Country range CHF 4.-
  • May / Oct / Nov: Town area CHF 2.60, Country range CHF 2.20

Group Accommodation & Youth Hostels

  • June - Sept / Dec - April: CHF 4.-
  • May / Okt / Nov: CHF 2.20

Owners & long-term renters of holiday apartments

  • Prices and conditions on enquiry.
  • Owners & long-term renters charge on the basis of a basic price adjusted to the number of family members in the main residence.

Price informations

  • All prices per person, per night
  • Children from their 6th to their 12th birthday half price
  • Children free up to their 6th birthday
  • Subject to change

Destination Davos Klosters
Gästetaxen Davos
Tourismus- und Sportzentrum
7270 Davos Platz
Tel. +41 81 415 21 21

Destination Davos Klosters
Gästetaxen Klosters
Alte Bahnhofstrasse 6
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 410 20 20

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