Davos Festival - young artists in concert

Davos Festival - young artists in concert
Sat, 05.08.2017
Sun, 06.08.2017
Mon, 07.08.2017
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Theme: All about playground

Almost all of human action takes place on a playground. Because playing itself is a cultural activity, which has accompanied and formed humans for thousands of years, stimulates our phantasy and drives us to high-achievements. Nowadays though, the everyday life of many people is shaped by playful elements like never before. Play seems to be the only common ground of children, economists, musicians, composers, researchers, scientists, athletes, philosophers, football commentators, politicians and writers...
Thus, the DAVOS FESTIVAL 2017 steps into the middle of life’s playground and invites to explore music as an amazingly playful art of the presence. The festival programme is again completed by numerous, free of charge offers such as open singing, open stage, workshop for instrument construction, children’s concerts, introductory remarks, play box and more.

Event Locality
Davos und Umgebung
7270 Davos Platz
Davos Festival - young artists in concert
Promenade 95
7270 Davos Platz
Tel:+41 81 413 20 66
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