Grischa Trail Ride

Grischa Trail RideGrischa Trail RideGrischa Trail RideGrischa Trail Ride
Thu, 17.08.2017
Fri, 18.08.2017
Sat, 19.08.2017
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A team event for real soul-riders. The more difficult the trails, the more points to be collected.
The GrischaTrail RIDE is aimed at bike teams, for whom the perfect route choice on the loveliest Alpine trails is all thatmatters. Riders can choose to ride along several dozen sections (trails). Each of these trails is rated with points. The longer and more difficult each section is to ride, the more points a rider can collect. The ride is in three stages. The team that gathers the most points in the given time is the winner.
Event Locality
Davos und Umgebung
7270 Davos Platz
Bike-Boutique GmbH
Voa Sartons 2b
7077 Valbella
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