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    Parsenn Davos Klosters

    Parsenn, which links Davos and Klosters, is the cradle of skiing in Switzerland. In 1895, four English tourists lost their way on the Weissfluhjoch and ultimately landed in Küblis, thereby discovering the 12 km-long Parsenn descent - an Alpine myth was born. Since the opening of the funicular railway over 80 years ago, Parsenn has become the classic skiing mountain with endless descents on wide slopes and stylish and traditional mountain lodges - as shown by the Parsenn Derby, the oldest ski race in Switzerland. The Parsenn ski arena can be reached from Davos using the Parsenn funicular railway and from Klosters by the Gotschna cable car.

    BMW Key Visual X Drive Cup mit Haus

    your special slope experience

    On the Davos Parsenn, you can not only do your own thing on the piste but even create your own ski movie. The new racing slope is located adjacent to the Rapid chairlift. All you need to do is go into the new BMW xDrive Cup Ski Movie starting hut, register your ski pass on the turnstile, wait for the starting signal and enjoy your descent. Your own personal time for the run will be displayed at the finish line and, for an even more precise analysis or simply as a nice souvenir, you can then view your very own ski movie. You can also collect batches and win the limited edition skis from the BMW and K2 collection every month or win a BMW at the end of the season. More information: Opens external link in current windowwww.bwm-mountains.com
    gleitschirm parsenn

    Paragliding - high above the clouds...

    Feel the magic and fly like a bird man: nature, space and time merge into one amazing experience. And what is the name of this amazing experience? Flying!

    Starting sites for paragliders:
    • Höhenweg starting pad: approx. 150 m to the right towards the north of the middle station of the Parsenn funicular railway at a height of 2220 m above sea level. This pad can be used in summer and in winter. Best wind direction in NE-S.
    • Gotschnagrat North starting pad: at an altitude of 2280 m, less than a 3-minute walk. Follow the path to the right from the Gotschna cable car top station. Wind direction: NW-NE, Degree of difficulty: intermediate/difficult
    • Gotschnagrat South starting pad: at an altitude of 2250 m, 7-minute walk. Follow the path to the left from the top station, where the starting pad is located beyond the Schwarzseealp-Gotschnagrat chairlift with the windsock. Ideal wind direction: SE-S, Degree of difficulty: easy
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    schlitteln Gotschna
    The toboggan run from the Gotschnagrat takes tobogganers right into Klosters to the bottom station of the Gotschna cable car.

    Descend on runners from Gotschna to Klosters

    This thrilling toboggan run starts at the Gotschnaboden middle station and races down 3.5 km to Klosters. Toboggans can be hired at the start on the Gotschnaboden (Hire: CHF 10.- per toboggan).
    wandern gotschna
    Winter hiking is also possible on the Parsenn high up close to the sky.

    Winter hiking on the Gotschna

    The circular route on the Gotschnagrat is perfectly prepared and offers unique panoramic views over Lake Davos and the Prättigau valley.

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    Quickly and easily - measure your own speed on the piste.

    Speed measurement - How fast am I actually travelling?

    Hard to say? Not any more - thanks to the speed-measuring system on the Parsenn. Start your run on piste no. 5 at the Rapid chairlift and as you pass the two infra-red photocell detectors you will see immediately how fast you are travelling.

    Boardercross & Skicross - Racing test of strength

    You can test your strength against each other in the Parsenn region. The ski and boardercross track is located by the Totalp lift on piste no. 15. A start gate marks the start of the run on which up to four skiers or snowboarders can compete in a thrilling head-to-head competition. The track is spiked with waves and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of tension and suspense, not just for elite skiers but also for fun skiers and boarders.
    The boardercross run by the Totalp ski lift
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